The Student Hub is a smart education company that aims to create a learner centric education system where every learner is equipped to discover and achieve their life purpose.


  • To improve the quality of education and the success of students
  • To increase access to education by making it available to the masses
  • To reduce the cost of education by making it affordable for every social classes

Why choose us

Our graduates are contributing at the highest levels in their chosen professions.

Top institutions

We partner with South Africa’s leading Colleges and Universities to deliver a high quality undergraduate Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees at affordable prices while provide the highest quality of teaching and learning.

Accreditation and Recognition

Courses are directly offered by TVET Colleges and Universities. We assist learners to register and help them with technical support. Learners study the same courses offered on campus by leading TVET Colleges and Universities. The same accreditation and national recognition is given to every learner who graduates.

Modern Learning Methods

From January 2018, all distance learning courses offered by participating TVET Colleges and Universities will be offered using the latest learning technologies to ensure learners are supported and monitored to achieve the highest pass rate.

Great prices. High flexibility

All courses are broken down into smaller subjects enabling students to study as little as one subject per semester. This gives an opportunity for every student to learn with less than R300 per month. Each learner receive free monthly data to access the learning portal online.

Non-traditional Distance Learning

With the new learning technologies adopted by colleges, Distance Learners are not isolated anymore.  Personal coaches are allocated to each student, they can ask questions to coaches, share images, watch videos, read slides, storyboards, solutions and share resources they do not understand with their classmates and coaches.

Our Team

Our Clients

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of our amazing clients